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Tours and Cruises in Zante (Zakynthos)

Zante or Zakynthos or “Flower of the Levant”, as it is otherwise called, is one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece. It has magnificent beaches of unparalleled and wild beauty as well as a rich natural landscape.

The island offers a multitude of activities and alternative tourism, however, to fully experience its beauty and rugged locations, you must take a Zante boat cruise or a chartered boat excursion!

Exploring the island by boat will provide you with images that will remain unforgettable and will definitely “take your breath away”. These are natural attractions, the most important of which include Navagio Beach, the Blue Caves, the Porto Roxa Bay, the Marathonisi islet, the Cameo and the Keri Caves.

Shipwreck Beach

Navagio Beach

You can choose one of the several sea excursions on the island of Zante (Zakynthos), with the most popular being the excursion to the Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach) and the Blue Caves. The Shipwreck is located on the isolated coast of Ai Giorgis (Saint George) and concerns the ship ``Panagiotis`` that was wrecked there in 1982. Since then, the Navagio Beach has been a landmark, an important attraction of the island, where thousands of tourists visit it every year. But, apart from the Navagio itself, the characteristic of the beach is the crystal clear blue waters that embrace it, the thousands of small pebbles that ``dress`` it, but also an endless blue horizon that spreads and that will literally captivate you. Navagio Beach is accessible only by sea.


Blue Caves

Another famous natural attraction of Zante are the “Blue Caves”, on the eastern side of the island. Their name comes from the beautiful and special reflections in the sea water that exists inside them, while their peculiar formations will undoubtedly rapture you! The “Blue Caves” are accessible by sea as well as by land, however in the second case you will have to go down about 100 steps.

Caretta - Caretta


Visiting the exotic Marathonisi islet is another popular sea excursion, a must especially for families with small children. Marathonisi is located in the Laganas bay, very close to the “Lake Keri” area, and there you might have the great fortune to see loggerhead turtles caretta – caretta swimming in their natural environment. The islet is surrounded by crystal clear sea waters and has two beautiful beaches, one with small pebbles and one with white sand.


Keri Caves

Of course, do not miss to visit the “Keri Caves”. You can pass through the Keri Caves either by boat, by SUP or by swimming and of course, make a stop to spend some time relaxing and sunbathing on one of the steep beaches at Cape Keri. It is also worth noting that at the “Keri Caves” one can meet loggerhead turtles and monk seals.

Zante, Flower of the Levant

In conclusion, if you wish to live unique experiences and get to know the rich, wild and incomparable beauty of Zakynthos to the fullest, the boat tour of the island should be an integral part of your vacation.

So, rent a boat or choose one of the organized sea excursions – cruises and…dive into the magic of the island of Zante!